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About us:
Minima Films is an international media company which consists of seven international departments in independent film production, distribution, rentals, advertising, marketing, festivals and publicity. The company started as an indie film production company and was founded by Arsalan Baraheni, a film producer, director and writer.

The films produced and distributed by the company have premiered in more than 30 cities in U.S., Canada and all over the world in cinemas, art centers, museums, galleries and film festivals.

The company is also the founder and the sponsor of Montreal Independent Film Festival which has turned into one of the most popular indie film festivals and film institutions with seasonal and annual programs.  

The company has also shown films on BBC and various TV stations on worldwide satellites.  Minima Films has sponsored and partnered up with more than 100 companies such as festivals, magazines, cinemas, galleries, marketing, production and distribution companies, 

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