Minima Films was founded more than a decade ago by Arsalan Baraheni, a Canadian filmmaker. The company started as an indie film production company and over the years, it gradually expanded and turned into an international media company with seven departments in film production, distribution, rentals, advertising, marketing, festivals and publicity.  

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Migrant Birds Fly is a multilingual and poetic narrative drama film, shot in Toronto as an indie feature, based on the poems of three legendary female poets, Anna Akhmatova, Forough Farokhzad, and Li Qinzhao. The cinematic indie film is written, directed and produced by Arsalan Baraheni.

The film is a tale of exile, language barrier, love and identity. It is shot in black and white and consists of three chapters called "Migrant", "Birds" and "Fly" which will finally turn into "Migrant Birds Fly" when three main female characters from Asia, Middle East and East Europe, end up together in a language classroom in Toronto.

The latest screening of the film was in the competition of the 22nd Malibu Film Festival in California on March 2022.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Glen Reynolds from Circus Road Films of California will be the sales agent for Actors of God, an independent Canadian arthouse feature. Actors of God is a film within a film genre which has premeired in New York, Milan, Gothenberg, Toronto, Nice and various film festivals around the world.

Into Schrodinger's Box is an official selection of the 40th New Jersey International Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival of NY and the Oscar qualifying Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival.

The executive producer of this Canadian feature film was Arsalan Baraheni. The film is shot by Nasim Naghavi and Amir Ganjavie throughout the pandemic in Toronto.