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Special of the month
RED Gemini 5K S35

Rental Rates

One Day (Mon-Sun): $750 
Full Week (7 Days): $2250 
Weekend: $750 

Package Contents

  • RED Gemini 5K S35 unit

  • 5" RED PRO Touch Monitor

  • Sidekick

  • Optical Low Pass Filters (OLPF) - Standard, Low-Light or Skintone/Highlight

  • PL, EF or Nikon Mount

  • ARRI Standard Cheese Plates

  • RED Motion Mount (additional $50/day)

  • Core V-Lock Battery Kit

    • 4x Batteries

    • 1x Quad Charger

  • Red Gemini Data Kit

    • 2x 240GB MiniMag

    • 1x MagStation Reader

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