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Migrant Birds Fly is a multilingual and poetic narrative drama film, shot in Toronto, based on the poems of three legendary female poets, Anna Akhmatova, Forough Farokhzad, and Li Qinzhao.
The film is a tale of exile, language barrier, love and identity. It is shot in black and white and consists of three chapters called "Migrant", "Birds" and "Fly" which will finally turn into "Migrant Birds Fly" when three women from Asia, Middle East and East Europe, end up together in a language classroom in Toronto.

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“A Poet is Killed” is a social, poetic and political manifestation about censorship, revolution, intellectual movement and the chain murders of the intellectuals in mid-1990s in Iran. The film features a legendary and rebellious Iranian poet who was killed after writing a statement demanding freedom of speech in Iran.  The film also gathers some of the most important and legendary Iranian poets and writers to speak about censorship of the writers in Iran.


Actors of God is an independent film within a film genre. This arthouse Canadian film is a social, poetic and mystical film about the crucifixion of an indie filmmaker within his writing, a beaten up actor in crisis , and an actress in exile.
The film is based on a few facts, fictionalized and is in between reality and illusion, turning filmmaking into a divine process, dealing with cinema and god, exile and migration, spirituality and arts.


The trilogy is poetic, mystical, biographical and musical, colliding with political, social, psychological, and philosophical manifestations about three of the most important Iranian artists who were forced into exile after the Iranian revolution. The story of a well known musician, a famous painter and a legendary poet are included in Exilic Trilogy in three chapters. 

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